Monday, October 06, 2014

Bride walks in wearing glasses, "femalia" walks out

February 17, 2020. Bhaelgarh, India.

In an internationally unprecedented event, a myopic Indian bride decided to walk down the aisle wearing glasses despite being seriously advised to do otherwise by everyone in the family, including nuptial veterans such as her aunts and grandparents. The females in the clan, or "femalia", couldn't believe the sight and boycotted all photographs with the bride in the frame (pun intended). It is being said that what was supposed to be a moment of pride turned into a walk of utter embarrassment for the father of the bride, as he avoided the piercing glares coming from both sides of the aisle.

The bride in question, name undisclosed to protect her identity from the rioting fashionistas, is currently hiding at her sister-in-law's (unmarried and 27) home with her new husband, who, as it turns out, is bespectacled himself and "doesn't get it" (one way or another). Media is stationed outside the homes of the prominent players of the story, desperately wanting to get a quote from anyone, to understand what led the bride to make such a spectacle of herself and those who always wish the best for her.

The days leading up to the wedding have been nothing less than a roller-coster ride for the two families tying the knot. The bride, a 29 year old fair and beautiful girl, who is also a mathematician doing research in Sweden, finally gave in to the family's "request" to get hitched to a boy. Open minded and far sighted as they are, they accepted their daughter's boyfriend into the family. To their delight, the boy is a highly regarded engineer in the USA (but from a different caste). However, the seemingly agreeable and polite girl slowly unfolded into an unorthodox "bridezilla" - she cancelled an appointment, acquired by pulling a lot of strings, with a renowned ophthalmologist for a long overdue vision correction surgery. To add salt to the wounded and seething mother-in-law, she refused to wear contact lenses, not once, but "till death do us part".

We, at Sparkle Magazine, were able to track down the mother of the bride just before curfew, to hear her opinion. "I didn't want my daughter to go through what I had to face," she said, teary-eyed. "Numerous proposals turned away from my doorstep at the sight of my glasses. In fact, my wedding is literally a blur in my memory, because I didn't have my glasses on." Before walking back to her home, she added, "but deep in my heart I also feel a little vindicated."

We shall hold our spot outside the bride's current residence all night, glassy eyed and caffeinated, to be able to catch a glimpse of the "spectacular" newly-wed. Stay tuned or follow #bespectacular.