Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Blink Warp

light graffiti

There, right before you, was a big black wall
full of hazy graffiti.
In the dark was Oblivion, dilating your eyes
only to be blinded in three.

And like a neon sign, that'd had too much to blink
the wall lit that instant.
That hazy graffiti, flashed a million things
that were only too coherent.

In a burst of reflex, when you closed your eyes
and saw a dark blue ink.
Were filled with some ease, from that painted graffiti
but it left too much to think.

When another moment passed, it took away the shards
of the broken thoughts you had.
And free did you feel, in an unsettling breeze
of the shards that flew right by.

Then the dark blue ink, that had appeared to be
protecting you, like an ally.
it thinned, it darkened, in red streaks it sharpened
like a clouded malicious sky.

As the spiraling metal, on the stove under a vessel
curls and warms and burn.
In an uncanny semblance, in flickering fluorescence
you saw the graffiti unfurl.

On waves of warm radiance, right under your eyelids
the million images grew bright.
They hovered for some time, and danced for another,
like kites at the break of twilight.

When your heart was calmed, by sincere denial
what was left were silhouettes.
The impressions had gone, the thoughts were blurry
with confidence you raised your eyelids.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Off the Hook

Some feel it like an ice-cold blob
Hanging like a locket
While some feel it like an albatross
By the skeleton in the closet.

For some it lingers, down every corridor
Calling out their names.
Gliding by from door to door
As phantoms of unfounded shames.

Unfounded I say, unfounded it is
Yet we all disagree.
We fail to see that it’s what we
We ourselves want to believe.

This guilt, this shame from long time ago
From a time we rest forget.
But remember bits, etched on our skin
We scratch, but later regret.

Like the guilt we bear, of unrequited hugs
That we wish we could return.
Of a sibling, or son, we said did not deserve
And rendered forever to yearn.

Like spectacles or bracelets, of beads of carved wood
That residual love remained.
In the shadows of some nook, invisible to look
And innate, but delusional to sane.


Another year here, with yet another face
With a resemblance that rang some bell.
But we let it pass and hopped on to things
And ventured out of the shell.

Familiarity remains, still rings some bells
That the hug doesn’t fail to see.
And out pours out, with our love for the face
The hug that we owed to thee.

It is time, it is time, to ‘purge’ yourself up
Of the unfounded guilt you bleed.
And let yourself stand, by the mirror to see
Something that you should’ve believed.

That depthless love, like a debt of a broke
Never saw the face of closure.
We splurged that was left, for as long as it took,
Read as long as it took, forever.