Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Open Secrets

I would shut my eyes
And bite my tongue
Let every urge fade by
But wouldn't spill out
The secret I save no matter
How hard ye try!

As human I am
And humans can be
Like ketchup bottles that squeeze
Just wrap me around
Your curly fingers
The truth will I reveal!

I’d often mix-up
And mostly forget
Which tale was to be shared?
And which ones were those
That my bridesmaid told
As good as not to be there?!

Then one brain-day,
It occurred to me
That secrets could be shared!
That I could go on,
Singing song after song
And not be under your flare!

So, on a moment when I
Couldn’t hold it behind
My tummy started to churn!
I laid out the words
And crossed my fingers,
‘Promise, you won’t tell anyone!’

That did it! That did it!
I went on to spill it
What otherwise was a secret
I slept well that night
Gave reason for no fight
And caused no racket!

And so, in the end
In a bunch of some friends
An open secret did all keep
Triumphed inside,
And burning to hide
All appeared oblivious and meek.


camphor said...

Secrets like lies are inconvenient to keep track of. :) I dislike both.

I've always wondered about the point where the open secret becomes a non-secret, and people begin to discuss it.

Divita said...

A liar or a secret holder is generally a victim of circumstances...we all dislike them :)

If people start discussing the secret you had so smartly hidden between them, take it as your cue to run from there! :P