Monday, July 05, 2010

The Acoustics of Hollow Minds

Truth, basically, is what the majority believes in. Online polls and forums have made us participants of various kinds of decision-making populations, and just by the click of a mouse we first possess and then exercise the power to control the course of things. We have all witnessed how masses can pick somebody up, make him sit on the throne for one moment and pull him down the other; the less fortunate of us have also experienced it firsthand!

After waving off the Minority to just be a group of people who think too little of the situation and the future (so the Majority says about them), the Majority sometimes provides shelter to people who know too little of situation and the future (so the Minority says about them). Putting the blame-game aside, a decision-making process would more often see the Majority build up in such a manner that, if it were to be compared with the appearance of human life on Earth, everybody would think he is Adam (the one to propagate life with Eve) because the real Adam (the leader) made him believe so.

It so happened that there was a small bunch of beings that thought a little more of themselves and were not very happy with living in a society where everybody was equal. We’re talking of times like those pre-historic ones when barter system was a hit until one of those high-headed beings (let’s call them Leaders) realized all commodities (and later human beings) had different value. The rest of the people were too busy in either making ends meet or having fun, and so catered to the Leaders’ desire to display their only talent – Oration, lest the Leaders should make them the topics of their speeches and slander them. Anyway, one day, it occurred to one of the Leaders that he should pass a rule in the civilization to ascertain his superiority over not only the People, but the Leaders too. So next day he went to one of the People’s house and narrated eloquently his well-prepared speech, ‘You and I pray for the well-being of the civilization and I have complete faith that you will see eye to eye with me. It is for the benefit of all of us that I propose the introduction of different hats for different people. For a person of your reputation, a long pointed hat would make you stand ‘taller’ than the lesser beings! This proposition You! You!...and.....For You!’ With those two words ringing between his ears the man replied, ‘Seems like a good idea to me and I have no reason to object to it! I will stand for what others think of this proposition! I so have made my decision! I will go with the Majority.’ ‘Oh the others are impressed with my brainchild and form the Majority!’ convinced the Leader without having consulted anybody else. ‘I am in the Majority then!’ declared the man. The rest is, predictable.

Anyway, our present Leaders are far from orators of poetic verses and classical plays and definitely do not care about hats, but the rest of the people are just like their predecessors. It is like an orchestra plays to the moderator’s opus; it is a leader’s skill of weaving his words in a melody that mesmerizes the innocent mass to believe that they are united and have influenced the unanimous decision in some way or the other – to become the Majority. In some corner of their head, whose existence is denied by most, they know that they are a part of the majority solely because the rest of the herd is in the same boat. And everybody lives happily ever after...

Little do we know that the power to choose rests in us and that we have handed that very power to our leaders. If this melody is tuned to the notes of the masses, it can resonate on frequencies powerful enough to change the course of history, and it has done so before. It takes a mass of population to draw the line between right and wrong; the rest just appears in columns of national editorials to improve our English.


..grv.. said...

saw ur blog after quite a long time.. good work :)

Paritosh said...

Re-read your post to understand your angst. Seems like the DCE-DTU fiasco still lingers on in some corner of you head. :P
On a literary note, why do I often get the feeling that you get carried away by the torrent of thoughts while you are writing prose?
Unlike your poetry, your prose can at times become erratic and a monologue to yourself.
The idea behind the piece is thought provoking, though. But yes, I prefer your poetry any day over your prose:-)