Sunday, November 15, 2009


It is seldom heard by me and you
That love lives between the few
Who part their ways to north and south
And surrender their love before doubt.

Only one thought rings between his ears
That you’ll be million miles away my dear!
Oh, how will we keep the flame alive?
How will the love surpass, survive?

He loved her more as each day rose
Yet learned not to wrap her close
Still months lied before she’re to fly
And she did go when the months flew by.

Fall falls before winter closes.
And ants gather a buffer of food.
For they be armed before it’s too late
And it is time to hibernate.

So he picked a leaf from the ant’s book
And found himself a warm nook
To prepare for what lied in fate
And be ready to ‘hibernate’.

Unusual promises, odd vows
Were what he wrote on his walls
To remind him for every second and jiffy
As a peremptory strike against self-pity.

And so he went onto ‘hibernate’
With love burning within his heart
Without a tear rolling down his cheek
But her absence rendering him blank and bleak.

He lived as much he loved his life.
Which was as much he'd always strived.
And let women advance with love
To receive some of his in return!

I don’t know what happened next
Nor sure was it this simple or vexed.
Whether spring came to bring her back
Or returned with an empty sack.

Doesn’t matter how't in fact concludes
The boy enjoyed all colors and hues.
And as all love stories end trim and proper
They sure lived happily ever after...


paritosh said...

"Unusual promises, odd vows"? Where did these come from?? :P
At least they lived happily ever after.......... even if not together!! I like love stories which are not cliched; either in their joyous ending or tragic denouement.
Something like "Little Manhattan" is what appeals to me...

Divita said...

i never said anything about not living together :-P

Kolor said...

Nice one. randomly stumbled upon your blog. :)

Divita said...

Thank you Kolor :)

India Trips said...

Love the love story.keep writing ...u inspire us .

India Trips said...

Love the love story.keep writing ...u inspire us .

Divita said...

Thank you! :)