Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Charlatan Cacophony of My Kin

I mostly avoid seeing what appears to be
When I enter a swarming jamboree
While a dozen cliques clamor aimlessly
While my ‘friends’ feel happy hopelessly;
While they raise their arms longing to wrap me
While they pass a smile full to kiss anybody.

“O kin! O love! My dear friend,
Tell me over some wine and bread
What makes your hair so black and curly?
What gives your skin that flare, that flurry?
What makes you like that ludicrous alike?
You shouldn’t wear this shirt with a tie.
Listen when I share my clandestine
On how the best shade is tangerine
You seem to be quite short of taste,
Flock with me, you’ll learn all in haste!”

“Such trivialities”, I reply, “shant be necessary
For they are for the charlatan society.
Please hear what lies beneath
This exultant well disposed sheath
Be the one to answer who is me
Apart from cheering who I could be.
For here a million belong to akin a creed
Prove to me that you’re a friend indeed.”

“My my! Not a word,
Not another breath under my nose!
Your pathetic, tragic soul,
Shall dare not take its toll.
You ask to walk an extra mile,
Though I haven’t any minute to while awhile.
For I am here to cross some words
To kill some time while we ogle at birds”

“For the sake of my space, my time
For those pieces of borrowed dime
For the moment when I lent a comfy shoulder
For when I helped you move the boulder
For the friend you found inside of me
For the friend I try to see in thee
As I look beyond the receding horizon
Looking blindly for a cogent reason
To what difference lies between
Who I could and who I should be.

“Your demeanor baffles me
To self embarrassment that I cant see
How to classify what is help, what is favor
What’s a deed done out of endless savor
I implore a state of understanding
While the world seems to be quite demeaning.”


another brick in the wall said...

whoa! i'm speechless :D
loved the way it started.. and the way you carried your thoughts.. great stuff :)

so many analogies can be drawn from this.. seriously cool yaa :D

Swayam said...

do i need to repeat myself again... you are great with your words... it just blew me away... and made me cower down in shame too...

Divita said...

guys! so good to get back with you again! been a while i know, college keeps me busy actually.
n swayam, why cower with shame girl?
brick, what other analogies can u infer? said...

Magnifique! Divita you are indeed adept with words. The late night escapades are certainly having their effect. Looks like you've found your neverland.

Divita said...
and here i was wondering who you are. :) not many people are aware of my late-night soiree with the stars. thanks for such undue adulation! :P

Mystique Wanderer said...

despite that it was a simple AA managed to get a good flow going with a lot of variation in the sentence formation...

technical compliments aside...quite true isnt it...sometimes the ppl who surround u seem so distant from your own nature...somehow their existence doesnt seem to signify a deeper meaning...and u wonder how do u fit into the bigger scheme of things

Divita said...

thank you. yeah i am still from the old school of rhyming-poetry. :)

well that is another way of looking at it. actually my real motive behind the poem is to address the fact that even though a lot of people may call themselves your friends, but all that they do is gossip about insignificant things giving no attention to your main problems. they lend a deaf ear to them.

Mystique Wanderer said...

aah yes...them too...its best if u have frnz who abuse u on the face

and its best if u all can laugh abt it too :)

Roo-Ba-Roo said...

hey its really nice poem..well writtn thoughts....

"As I look beyond the receding horizon
Looking blindly for a cogent reason
To what difference lies between
Who I could and who I should be."


Swayam said...

being completely honest with you.. first up I thought It was a poem on how much of a misfit we are the bigger picture with the talk on skin and hair and all such frivolities...misfits in the sense how we read in between the lines while the others are trapped in their glass palace...with their myopic view.. but after i read as to what it was actually aimed at, i got another insight into the poem...about which you've written inyour comment, to which I agree hands down... but then again life is never the same, and the things troubling you change and therefore somebody or the other definetly comes in who pulls you out of the rut, to each moment its own messiah.. atleast that is what i believe.. as to people who appear distant, they too fill in the voids when the time comes..:)

Divita said...

i hope you are right about the messiah. :)