Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hoping Against Hope

This is a poem on child abuse. What if the child has no clue that she is being abused and is trying to convince herself that this is how the world goes around? Ironical, isn't it?

As those teary eyes peep beneath the door,
For any shadows lurking on the floor,
Any signs of you being there,
Hoping against hope, this was fair.

“You, o uncle, o my family kin,
Thou shall know what’s good, what’s sin,
Thus I believe in your disposition,
Hoping against hope, there were benign intentions.

“So when you dropped by my room,
‘Just to say a hello, an adieu’
Shutting the door behind your back
Putting me up upon the rack
Tracing the lace beneath my dress
Why must my bosom supple to breasts?!
My eyes scare me, as I catch a look
Of your deeds in the mirror at the nook,
The butcher’s goat, as it waits,
For the dagger in his hand to signature its fate!

“I mustn’t panic, should not despair,
Should not question those who ‘care’.
This was right, this was just,
All uncles would do what was must,
Shame on me to doubt his love
See a vulture disguised a dove!
I am young, know not what lies
How the moon conjures the tides,
Should trust he who takes care of me
Who comes in the dark, but adores me
Hoping against hope, that I am wrong…”


another brick in the wall said...

firstly... wow! initially when i read ur thought.. immediately pearl jam's alive began playing in my head.. but then your post just took a completely new angle

me and my friend tanmay, discussed this sometime back.. how ignorance many a times acts in favour of the kids as they fear lesser things and have lesser worries than the grown-ups and how these things act against them as it's ignorance that leads to blind trust.. they will trust every single word they are preached or fed.. it's scary.. as it then empowers the world to manipulate a kid's head with any random thoughts that the kid will never even question and will readily absorb!

loved your work

Comfortably Numb said...

I kindaa like what you wrote. Considering that it covers such a sensitive issue youve done good :)


The Solitary Writer. said...

hey my blog updated

check my poem

Paritosh Rai said...

roorkee is a nice place to exercise one's creative facet. :)
sensitive and flowing!

Divita said...

abt how children believe in what they see..guess theres more to be written. this is probably just the tip of the iceberg.
naah not pearl jam's quirks havent reached that pinacle. ;)
thank you.

@comfortably numb
thank you very much. :)

@solitary writer
will do sir!

yeah...sure! thanks.

anurag said...

I liked the flow of your poem, different perspective of seeying things >>

The Lover said...

I liked the perspective you chose. Really good.

The Lover

The Solitary Writer. said...

hey divita


i have come across all child abuse poems and all are good

really good yaar

Divita said...

thanks a lot. :)

@The Lover
thank you. yes, the perspective is different, and it stirs a shiver down my spine when i think of it.

@the solitary writer
yeah i am sure all are good, i just meant that its good to have different perspectives.
thankyou. :)

Swayam said...

beautiful... I'm getting really jealous of your poetry skills...:)

alex paul k said...

hey nice one
more so since u ve written frm 2 angles

nice one though i suggest u cud add more

Divita said...

gee mate... m flattered! thanks

yeh cud have added.. but wanted to keep it short, and was too eager to finish n upload it :D

Abhu said...

hey! amazing work i must say. Just shows how circumstances make people do weird stuff and then on top of it, they pretend that whatever is happening is right.

(and btw... i just noticed that the title of one of my posts, is same as ur blog name. oops! pardon me, for that :P)

Divita said...

no sweat dude! yeah i had noticed that too - random musings. anyways, its very torturous to see how people succumb to the cercumstances without understanding whats going on.

thanks :)

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

That was fantastic.Loved everything about it-the usage of words,the metaphors and the rhyming.You carried it out very well.

One suggestion though.Do not mention what your poem or vignette is about at the beginning.That makes the reader see it in a "known" light and might miss on some of the undercurrents of the work.You could put it as a post script.

Blogrolling you btw.Cheers!

Divita said...

thanks a lot for your suggestion, i think you are right, might stir a prejudice in the reader's mind, or might make him judgemental too.

ll keep that in mind from next time. :)

Mishra said...

Sad yet realistic it is..

Scribblers Inc said...

that was cold...dead cold...

good job..

Scribblers Inc.

*Aham* said...

that was so nice a post. especially since i am a survivor of child sex abuse, i could relate to your poem on a personal basis.
very well written.keep it up. you will go places, for sure.

you could visit me at

the most popular pages, that speak about my triumph against child sex abuse is documented here

would be wonderful to read your reactions.

smiles :-)

*Aham* said...

that was so nice a post. especially since i am a survivor of child sex abuse, i could relate to your poem on a personal basis.
very well written.keep it up. you will go places, for sure.

you could visit me at

the most popular pages, that speak about my triumph against child sex abuse is documented here

would be wonderful to read your reactions.

smiles :-)

Divita said...

thanks. :)

wow. thanks.
going through the links you've suggested.
thanks again. :)

Divya said...

Yup.. Alive is what I first thought of too... it is interesting the way you can make a child believe what is right and wrong... ppl can be infused with warped ideas and they will think it is right till they discover for themselves one day... Brick and I had actually had a long conversation on this

Divita said...

:) din know i'd put that impression on the readers - i mean what Alive meant. ll say it once again, i need to go a long way before i can conjure Alive's magic. :)

Cinderella. said...

This was brilliant !! Just brilliant...!!

So much so that it took my breath away...and I think you must win the contest..

Here I was thinking of writing something for the contest and now I think I am outta words or ideas..after reading this...

Mesmerising !!
Bravo !!!

Divita said...

thanks cinderella :)

and thanks for coming over to my blog. :)

The Solitary Writer. said...

well hey waiting for updates yaar

Divita said...

as far as my blog s concerned, decided to not post anything till the 31st since this poem has a 'last date' to face. :)
ll post one on our lounge n sometime.

kritika said...

divite!!!!bot achi hai as always :)

Divita said...

thanks kritika ;) for dropping by.

s.H.a.S.h.I said...

amazing poem.. divita... i cud see wht u wanna say.. children r so innocent tht they dnt knw whts rite n wrong.. and many a times people take advantage of it.. .
most disgusting part is.. even family members indulge in such shameful activities.this thing is worse coz , kids have to worry not to spoil family ties..
But every child should be encouraged to stand up against child abuse..

Divita said...

yes, u r rite, kids shud be encouraged to speak up...more importantly they shud be made to realise it isn't their fault.

.. said...
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.. said...


.. and the best part is "mujhe samajh aa gayi!!" :)

sleeplessnights said...

oh beautiful!I think the less I say,the more profound my admiration.So nothing more here:)