Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Truth about Lies

The dictionary defines the word ‘true’ as something in accordance with fact or reality. And ironically fact is defined as something true. That is such a neat way to fool people and manipulate these familiar words. I wonder how many erudite or imprudent people have given these four letter words a thought, but I have come to realize there aren’t even half as many truths as we claim every breathing moment of our lives.
Come to think of it, there are billions of people living lives, sharing the world, bustling in the crowd, feeling feelings, seeing light, not seeing in the dark, appreciating colors, fouling on foul mouths. Who in the right state of mind claimed that all of us saw the world in the same manner? When we are born, we open our eyes to confront a world completely unknown to us, even the body bestowed on our soul is like a new friend to be understood, to be communicated with, to be teased to know your limits with it and to draw the lines consequently. A baby just a few hours old maybe doesn’t even know that if he just pulls his eye lids upward, he would be able to ‘open’ his eyes. It might sound a little weird, but I don’t think he would be able to define ‘opening your eyes’ as lifting his eyelids and rolling his eyeballs in all direction. In fact, I don’t think he is even grateful to be gifted with the sense of ‘vision’.
Till the time he is spared from all the learning, he communicates in a language with no sounds and actions. I think if one wants to see how magic happens, one must observe a young soul getting on with his daily chores with just no visible mode of communication with the people and objects around him. Once the learning spree begins, he sees a thing and a name comes up for it. Everything has a name; name is the most important thing in the world, words are names, every word is a name, and to connect to anything I must know its name, to be respected by it, I must know its name, to like it, to dislike it, to get angry at it – I must know its name. The child perhaps takes his five sensory organs a little more seriously for the first time when he sees his mother shrink her smiling face into other expressions such as a frown or a scorn or even delight for that matter (although her face wouldn’t shrink in that case) or starts to tickle him. In fact the first time he realizes his own forte for opening his mouth and controlling the air in his lungs to make him feel nice and happy would be at the same playful moment (for your reference I mean laughing).
There is a world in every eye. What appears red to me might be blue in your eyes, a circle for me would be a shape with no corners, for you it might just have two ends, or for that matter corner for you must mean no corners at all! I know it sounds little obnoxious, absurd, are-you-out-of-your-fickle-mind sorts. But how in the world can you be sure of what I am seeing? There are words; there are languages, which are man-made and on the other hand we have us, humans, lives that are created by something supernatural (okay we come out of our mothers’ wombs and our parents have ‘created’ us!). We have named everything so that there is something in common in all of us. Hence the sky is blue (on most sunny days), no matter what color it appears to you. And since we have heard this since our fleeting memory can allow us, my saying that the sky looks different from what it looks to you sounds absurd. I hope I am making some sense to you!!
So much for the colors and the shapes, but how does it relate to my subject? Since everything is subjective, differing from person to person, these cannot be called facts. Consequently, I am not as true as false I am when I say I love having tandoori chicken. “Now where does food come into the scuffle between truth and lies??!” Emotions are just the consequences of hormonal imbalances – like the rise and fall of a stock market (!!). When you love, hate, envy, excite, mourn, or feel any emotion, it is either a surge of adrenaline swelling your heart (not literally of course!) or some other biological process. It is probable, that when you like some one and think of him/her day and night and fantasize all happy (again through your perspective) and gay moments that you would want to spend with him/her your face curls into a scornful look instead of the more accepted and observed smile. Also maybe when people hate someone, you have butterflies in your stomach or you skip a heartbeat. I say so because maybe the first time you felt like despising and emulating someone in the same moment (jealousy) you were told, “hey, guess you like her!” and so what seems to be envious to others appears like love to you. So emotions aren’t facts that can be true or false. So I would not lie in saying I hate my mother because maybe my heart is filled with a sense of immense care and joy when I ‘hate’ my mother!
Our sense of direction is also not a fact. Nobody asked me before defining right to be right and left to be wrong? Maybe my ears hear right to be left and left to be right. Maybe the sun rises in the west for me because the world appears upside down to me!
I can site almost everything to be subjective, opinionated and hence not suitable to be categorized between truth and fallacy. THIS is the only truth – the truth about lies.


Scribblers Inc said...

you think pizza....I think food for thought...we are different indeed.

Scrbblers Inc.

Divita said...

m not very fond of pizzas anyways. :)

Swayam said...

profound..u know everytime i read any of ur posts...i have to always kinda go back reflect on it..and then post in sumthing worth that post...i mean great stuff girl :)

Divita said...

gee...thanks a lot! :) btw, have been wanting to ask you swayam, are u in DCE? i am in 3rd yr bitoech.

another brick in the wall said...

freaky.. i've written a post on similar lines

well.. every truth is a lie.. simply put. it's all a perception finally.. everything is lies.. everything is fake.. an illusion.. we live in a world of make-belief.. all this cz we fail to understand existence.. all this cz we are truly lost.. so we hold on to what's closest to us and label it as truth.. the fact is.. it's our truth and what's ours can't be everyones.. :)

Divita said...

freaky yeh... coz if u go on to read my blog further u wud find a euphemism to all what u write about. jinx!
we regard things to be true to prove our false points.

Divya said...

Universal "truth"- everything is relative. everything is subjective. what is red to one may be blue to another, other examples u gave, its all subjective. i agree totally. we are told what is a truth and what is a lie. we are taught right and wrong, left right, everything! only when we grow up do we realise that right may be wrong for us and vice versa, and so many otherthings...

recently this topic is coming up way too frequently :)

i had written a post on a similar topic a long time back but on a much much lighter note...

brilliant examples you've given btw..

Divita said...

my pleasure again. well this was a neat way to vindicate myself actually ;) 'i am not a liar!'

Paritosh Rai said...

black is not black, white is not white; they are just two extremes of gray. buddha told to follow the middle path and nirvana will be attained.
you personal best till date...

another brick in the wall said...

wow! universal truth, nirvana.. pass me the vodka.. this is getting interesting :P

Divita said...

:D sure... bottoms up?!

ankur kakkar said...

something that has been taken up many a times before .. different people have had different perceptions since time immemorial .. probably that is why human civilization has seen greats like GALILEO, KARL MARX, DA VINCI etc.... BECAUSE THEY SAW THE WORLD DIFFERENTLY .... aah deja vu.... something already discussed in the aamir khan movie : TZP ... he he... nevertheless, ur blog is an interesting read .. :)

Comfortably Numb said...

The best thing about poems is that you can interpret it in the way you want them. Make sure you let me know how you interpreted it :P

And yea Im sure you muist have read the sequel cos that goes a long way in indicating what the poem is supposed to sound. but then there can be tonnes of interpretations and im open to all of em :)


PS: I din read the post but Im sure Ill do it in some time :)

Comfortably Numb said...

See there is no question of me getting disheartened. If you ever happen to read my post on the city life...Some girl read it and told me that I was sexually attracted to the women and so I wrote the post. Sick. I even took her opinion.
I already toldcha that Im open to all interpretations.

And yea about your interpretation of the post...I think you managed to do quite well..And you are correct in what you said. There can be a lot more to romance than two people just going head over heals and shouting I love you like anything :P


Mishra said...

Hi.dropped in here from Scribbler's a.k.a Mithun's space.
I find your post highly philosophical.invokes a lot of thinking,I must admit.Tell you what, I did a course in philosophy sometime back and I can almost put into action everything that I read there.Good to be here.Will be visiting you often.
Blogrolling you,

Divita said...

thanks a lot! was a lil apprehensive abt this post of mine, whether it wud communicate my point or not..but m not giddy anymore! :)

Abir Banerjee said...

gee, u make me think! i never looked at thing emotions or feelings from that perspective... great work divita.

.. said...

this is the worst thing i have ever read!!

no no no.. this is the best i hv ever read!!

how does that matter when both are just the extremes of OK.. he he

or could i say i like admiring ur work by not admiring it..