Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey
PART - 1
Our first vibes melted together in a joke,
We stumbled, never spoke of what lied ahead,
You took the challenge and went on,
Only to crave me, that’s when it went wrong…

I am what you suffered, addicted to,
I am what you traded with your wine and bun,
Filling your lungs with a deceptive ecstasy,
That left you worse than numb.

I can be the bitterness in your nip,
Pushing you into with the drunkards’ cult,
Killing you with every icy drop,
But never putting your tears to a halt.

I could be the poison on your lips,
Burning from the tobacco in your blood,
Promising to fade your sorrow in the smoke,
Yet only robbing you of the life you loved.

Of the rest of my trances to you,
Your fortunes could confront you to,
My disguise of love, my most creditable,
Which would leave you ever so vulnerable.

I am what you find the most beautiful,
Captivating you for another sight of me,
Offering only anguish and despair
And a hollowness that pretends not to be.

So after every word we trade,
After every glance, you put on stake
The freedom which seems slaving,
The friends who were never deceiving.

And one fine morning when you dawn to realize,
That I’ve conned you into joy in disguise
You shall turn around steady,
And follow the cold turkey.

PART – 2
For this is the path all junkies tread,
All know what lies ahead,
No matter what you face in this dark tunnel,
The other side would be bright and abeyant.

There’s a world in every eye,
There’s a symphony in every ear,
The catch lies in blinding yourself to what you see
And you won’t madden to my being in everything.

And so you shun that world
Shunning YOU here in the first place!
The nook that purrs with your fear,
Hoping against hope may be I am still there.

You tie your hands, strap your feet,
Gag your mouth with a shred.
Lock the door, draw the drape.
And drip your pain behind your nape.

As hours melt in the heat of the night
As the room animates before your eyes
Your mind conspires to your soul
And poisons your love with malice.

So what was once a pleasure to re-live
Those fingers reaching out to knot
Now round around your corpse
And raid out whatever you’d got.

You fight your own certitude
Pulling away from the straps
Choking for death on the chains
And drinking the thirst from your veins .

When the morning sun dawns next hour
Deceiving the bloody curtains,
Bathing you in pure sinless warmth
Luring you far from the wrath.

You’d wonder what thee thought of me?
What thou words speak for me.
Had the cold turkey turned my venomous ardor
Into a chalice full of abhor?

But that’s the beauty of the eschew
That’s why your blood was not of no use.
For you still respect me for what I am
You still see the benign conjure that I can.

And you move on, onto a new lane
Onto a new disguise of my mane
You might pit into a trap lurky
Relying you have the cold turkey…

Divita Mathur
A non drug ex-junkie