Thursday, November 02, 2006

Why being a girl?

Why being a Girl?

When I cried at my first jiffy
As I felt the room pretty stuffy
Grany didn’t like mom’s pearl
I wondered, why being a girl?

By the look on my father’s face
I thought, what was the disgrace?
He took me in his hands and told
“It’s ok”, his heart was consoled.

So I realized every night,
That I was born for a fight
If boys took a step ahead
I must take two while I tread.

This struggle for all girls
Straightened up our curls
When I was to make up a Barbie doll
We were playing basket ball

After a few years of love and fun
Dad said proudly, “This is my son!”
Then freedom gleamed in my eye
I was above all my ally.

As the winds smelled like teen
I was not what I must’ve been
School hours were spent prime
Nights were on for party time

If I thought everything was good
That the society did all it could
To make my life a happy one
With all ecstasy and fun

Said the streets, “You’re wrong my dear”.
Don’t tread without any fear.
For there are shadows that chase your furl
I was reminded…why being a girl?

I felt sorry for my mother
Who startled at a blowing feather
Whenever I was out of the gate
And whenever I was a minute late

We’ve been friends-girl and boy
First we are all modest and coy
What is it that you revenge?
As you grow up, you change.

For we were to lend a helping hand
Walk together through the sand
It’s irritates when you’re chasing
Yeh, I mean eve-teasing.

You don’t know how life’s hell
So listen what I want to tell
That lets change roles for a try
“Why being a boy?!” you’ll cry!

How dare you have such guts?!
You deserve a kick on the butt.
For if I look ‘hot’ to you,
Your sister’s being troubled too!

So dear men, old or young
Give this attitude a flung
Become those ol’ time gentlemen
Understand, at least one in ten.

Divita Mathur
when i was 17yrs. old


Prashant Gautam said...

i have read this one once before and that time i had accused you of plagiarism :P

nice work..

dcemaverick said...

good stuff dere!!contact ashmeet 9810137492.u can get this published in d college mag.hurry!!

Ed Vis said...

Hello Divita, good poem. Should get it published.

nitric dreams said...

well.....shud have commented earlier.......this 1 here shows the conflict in an adolescent mind....not bad....but still....sum way to go b4 u can call urself a offence though

Adhirath said...

hmm...the first poem of yours that i had the honour of reading..i remember reading it in 11th..just when our next issue was about to come out..and confessing today, i was damn impressed..beautiful work..!

Abhishek Pathak said...

You're good.whether you believe that or not,just wanted to tell you.

Long time since I enjoyed reading someone else's reflections so.Do keep writing!