Saturday, October 28, 2006

the ungratefull princess

The Ungrateful Princess

She’d be bathed in the Sun’s vigor everyday,
Tanned to the consummate of beauty.
She’d be soaked to the skin by the rains,
Purified from the vile and the ugly.

She’d be distinguished by the masses,
She’d be honored for her brilliance.
But she’d smile on her plastic face
And disregard everything with her unique grace.

Stupid would you find this quality,
Which made her continuously so proud,
That she’d bestow with all her might,
But demand nil from the crowd.

For she had taught herself ingeniously,
At a very tender time of life,
That one mustn’t stay in lieu of others,
One mustn’t hold from the blade of a knife.

But she’d always be heard by The Love,
The Love barring all distressed,
The Love begged for by the unfortunate,
The Love, she, in panache, regarded uninvited.

She cast a shadow on The Love,
She thought she’d left it behind,
She blamed him for the injured dove,
But The Love always remained kind.

Then one fine day in an unreasonable fight,
The Love was lost, didn’t return at night.
She wasn’t uneasy, she didn’t dread,
She mouthed a blame to the fortunes instead.

Time flows, the princess grows,
The Love takes all beautiful facades,
But their hearts, but their souls,
Never do unite, nor obliged by the princess.

(The Ungrateful Princess)



nitric dreams said...

thanx for that.

subram said...

hey wher in the world did u get such great commmand on words.....???
simply great.........

montek said...

mEllIfLuOuS WoRdz ....

yash said...

awesome awesome...reminds me of someone i know...

Meher said...

Easily your best work. Evokes the image of a girl in flowing white robes, a ring in her hand and a sad gleam in her eye.. virgin yet posessing all experience one could have..and moves as graceful as venus herself..

Excellent first half. Anything which can generate such an image in my mind is great by my standards.

another brick in the wall said...

wow ok! yes.. blame-game is a waste of time.. now i know we both agree :P
hehe.. love is a weird concept which we are filled with.. then we find vodka to drain it all away.. well.. almost :P..

nice words anyhoo

acha.. my post was directed towards those needy so-called friends who just try to grab your attention and attempt to own you till they need you.. ppl who quit you when they feel like and will be ur best buds as per their wish.. when you try to break free from them.. these fucktards will make you feel guilty for not paying enough attention to them and treating them like shit.. it's s not on heartbreak really.. it's mockery of such a friend whom i just got rid off.. and no! there is no guy-girl thing in it.. i am generally not biased towards any gender/religion/race/culture/region and such other divisions that we humans bind ourselves in :P

Divita said...

hmmm.... let it seep into me. :)

Neer said...

i like this
gud one