Saturday, October 28, 2006

Two Queens in a Hive

Two Queens in a Hive

When my kind was designed
Eyes made great and the body shined
Our long hair substituted the tail
We are called the Female

When we are young
We hold dolls for fun
We have two plats with fancy clips
And one ear towards big sister’s tips

Day by day my hair refuse to tie
Day by day the dolls feel shy?
Night by night the stars start to speak
Into the future…can I have a peek?

My pony climbs high
My nose grows long
When I turned thirteen
Everything starts going wrong!!

And then came the day
When I saw the second queen
Wish it was just an illusion,
Or she really was my twin?

We walked for being better
We talked just out of the theatre
My my! I better hurry
Before SHE gets the merry.

On one fine day
The sun changed horizon,
To the world’s great honor
The queens shared the region.

For every chance was grabbed together
And we became centre to gather.
For every step we kept pace
And mended the other’s pimpled face.

I got a break, I had to move
I thought we would still groove
But slowly it happened unnoticed
And the chasm created long distance.

I smiled at my old pal but she was seeing
The person sitting right behind me
When I moved towards her niche
She remembered something fancy.

This is once upon a time,
Two queens in a hive.
They lived happily ever after
When none heard the other’s laughter.

It is a strange disposition
That we must be so.
Coz if we change our shoes
I will have the same go.

What happened in the end
Is that I lost a friend.
But whom should I kill for distress?
For this unwanted mess?

Forget this as unseen
But don’t you call me mean.
Because this is the truth of life
That you can’t have two queens in a hive.

{One of the dear queens}


nitric dreams said...

finally the princess learns 2 use some symbolism!!good one.ur best of wat i hav read till date.

nitric dreams said...
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